108 Reasons to Do Yoga

I recently had the opportunity to attend Wanderlust  in Kansas City and although the weather tried to discourage attendance, we had a great time! The perfect balance of a 5k, 75 minutes of yoga and wrapping it all up with meditation was just what my body needed on a Saturday morning. 20180519_102642

Reed and I sloshed through puddles and made our way to the start line in the rain to begin and we ended back to back on our mats with the sunshine on our face. I felt strong and ready to enjoy the rest of my weekend. Yoga does this for me. Moving my body, controlling my breath, engaging my mind and feeling the difference it makes in my well-being is enough for me to know my body needs it daily. It’s not about strength or flexibility- these are just bonuses to choosing to have yoga in your life. It’s not about the perfect balancing pose or that cute yoga butt, it’s about knowing yourself. It’s about knowing your body and how it feels in every pose. It’s about recognizing your tension, being aware of your self talk about your body. It’s about feeling the emotions that come up and giving yourself space to just observe all of the beautiful things that make up YOU! ❤ 20180511_183827 (1)

Everyone’s journey  in life is unique. Everyone’s reason for inviting movement like yoga into their body is unique. I am blessed to get to facilitate the opportunity for people to get to know themselves better. My yoga tribe has followed me through thick and thin, especially through all the changes that we’ve made lately with our Free & Fierce Yoga schedule. I am so blessed to have these people in my life and to get to share in their celebrations, their struggles, and their journey with them. I can’t wait to continue to create opportunities for self-discovery, conversations and growth for my people and enjoy my journey with them!20180526_103522

So, that being said… Here are a few reasons why I think you should do yoga. I am SURE I could come up with 108 reasons but I want to hear your reasons as well! Post them in the comments or on our IG or Facebook page and share the love!

  1. To get to know your body better
  2. To teach you to breathe deeper
  3. To take time for yourself
  4. To work out tension
  5. To slow down your life throughout the week
  6. To take time to remind yourself what is most important
  7. To build strength
  8. To help with certain health concerns
  9. To try something new
  10. To encourage flexibility for a sport you’re involved in
  11. To create bonding in relationships
  12. Reduce stress
  13. Improve balance
  14. Improve posture
  15. Reduce your risk for injury

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