Peace, Love and VW’s

I have always wanted a vintage Volkswagen Beetle. Always. My husband made it happen for me a few years ago when he purchased me a 1973 Beetle. It didn’t run when we towed it home and it took quite awhile but at last it’s alive!! I don’t drive it everyday but anyone that owns an old car like that knows that when you do it is always an adventure.


Last week the hubs needed the car and asked me to drive the Bug. When he did he said, and I quote, “it needs gas before it goes anywhere”. I was running late as usual and didn’t have time to stop and get gas, so he agreed to take the Bug and I took the family car. I assumed that meant he put gas in it, I was wrong, but I wouldn’t find that out until later.

This week I decided to drive the Bug to the girl scouts meeting. It was a beautiful spring day and the Bug has a sunroof. My smallest and I jumped in and tooled down the road to the meeting. I notice the car still needs gas and I need to pick up a prescription, so I drop her off and decide to run to the store. It won’t start back up. I call my hubs and angrily ask if he put gas in it. “No, but it should be fine, it is probably the choke.” He precedes to tell me how to adjust it and try to start the car by myself. It involves wedging a screwdriver in the flap and giving it a go. It starts up, so I remove the screwdriver, put the top back on the carburetor and take off. I pull in the parking lot at the store and it runs out of gas. I can see the gas station, but it is too far to push the car, so I get out and push it, by myself, into a parking spot. Two women stop and ask if I need help and I thank them and let them know this is as far as I am going. I walk over to the gas station and ask if they sell gas cans. They don’t but have one that I can borrow. When I try to fill the gas can up the machine won’t take my bank card, what the hell? I never carry cash but today is the exception and I have exactly $1 in my wallet. I pay for $1 in gas, put it in the gas can and walk back to my car.

Another cute little thing about my bug, the gas cap locks. It has a key and you must lock and unlock it. I try the key and it turns but I cannot get the damn gas cap off. I try and try but nothing. I call Dave and ask if there is some trick to it. I am super frustrated by this time and he just keeps saying, “you just turn the key”. I am aware of how locks work. Finally, I get the damn thing unlocked, put my dollars’ worth of gas in and hallelujah it starts! I drive to the gas station, return the gas can and pay inside so they can deal with the stupid bank card issue. I finally have the car running and grab my prescription. I figured I would be gone maybe 15 minutes but by this time I have missed the entire hour of girl scouts, I am sweaty and dirty. God, I love this car.


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