Struggle. We Struggle to learn to walk and talk and please our parents. We struggle to get good grades and pick good friends. We struggle to choose the right career or the right husband or wife. And if you’re like me, somewhere along the way you get lost in the struggle. You begin to identify with the struggle and feel lost whenever there isn’t a struggle to be had, to the point where you start to realize that you create and embrace things that drag you down and make you fight. So many times I have taken the conflict within and held onto it as if it might kill my will to live if I were to be without it. I’ve never been so wrong. Holding onto the struggle led me through years of heartache and brokeness. I am just now learning to embrace freedom. The reality of letting go of my chains and being able to really focus on my potential is both the most amazing and most terrifying thing I have ever faced. Without chains, I am free. I have all the power and endless choices of paths to take. Sometimes it feels like a lot of pressure and it’s difficult to face the freedom of so many choices. What if I make the wrong one??? But…. What if there is no wrong choice? What if I stepped into every decision as the highest version of myself knowing and acting with confidence that I could face the outcome? I can face miscarriage, I can face divorce, I can face loneliness, I can face fear, I can face the darkness of this world and whatever comes crawling out of it. Because once we face what scares us the most, we can face anything. Pain pours into us but love pours out because we choose that. As humans we have this amazing ability to take the pain and the loss and the sadness that comes our way and turn it into something beautiful and call it life. We can choose to let the struggle define us or we can invite it to mold us into a higher version of who we already know we are. I choose to be brave, I choose to stand strong. I choose to stay on the path and make my own adventure…and I hope you do too.
Be brave sweet girl as you face the sun
Be strong as your hopes seem to come undone
You are not “struggle”, you are not “blame”
Your light it shines, love is your name
Be brave sweet girl, the moon is bright
She’ll light your path in the dark of night
Just one step, that’s all it takes
Just one moment a difference makes
Be brave sweet girl, be brave.

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